Your Stay at the IfDT

The stay at our institute usually takes place in small groups whose members sometimes spend time together in our common room. Here we often have stimulating exchange between our study participants and our study personal. But of course you also have the possibility to spend time in your own room. If there is interest, we conduct workshops for example about diet or diabetes therapy.

During your stay with us, we will support you in all study procedures and will be happy to answer all your questions. 


All patient rooms are equipped with:

  • Internet access
  • Wash basin (toilets and showers are located on the corridor)
  • Lockable cupboard for your personal belongings


The common room is equipped with:

  • TV
  • Internet access
  • Comfortable armchairs


  • Before each study procedure the details will be closely discussed with you
  • Medical examination before each study
  • Medical supervision and monitoring during the study
  • You will receive all typical meals during your stay

Personal benefits

  • Complete medical supervision
  • If you wish you or your physician will receive a copy of your examination results.
  • Financial compensation and/or reimbursement of your travel expenses.
  • If necessary, training courses on diabetes (e. g. nutrition) will be prepared for our study participants.

To improve the reader-friendliness of our website, we use the generic masculine. In the context of equal treatment, we would like to point out that the content of our website is aimed at all genders and does not contain any valuation.