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6.-9. March 2024 - Congress contribution

ATTD in Florence

08.-11. May 2024 - Congress contribution

Diabetes Kongress DDG in Berlin

Topic: Diabetes. Umwelt. Leben. Perspektiven aus allen Blickwinkeln.

28. July – 01. August 2024 - Congress contribution

ADLM Annual Meeting 2024 in Chicago

Topic: Bold Move

Looking back at the diatec Event in Berlin

At this year's Diatec Congress in Berlin, which was entitled "AI in technology", Dr. Freckmann was a speaker on the topic of "Measurement accuracy of CGM systems". He also presented our latest findings on smartwatches that promise non-invasive glucose monitoring. They delivered the identical blood glucose curves in our self-experiment with humans and bananas. This makes in our belief all further questions about measurement accuracy obsolete...

Looking back at the JA-PED in Ulm

This year, the JA-PED took place in our home town Ulm. Although we were not represented in the scientific program this time, we were present with our small diabetes technology museum.

Looking back at the virtual Diabetes-Technology Meeting

At this annual Diabetes Technology Meeting, which was still completely virtual, we were again mainly representing the topic of CGM standardization. At the pre-meeting on November 1, the IFCC working group even had its own symposium. Dr. Freckmann and Dr. Pleus presented the results of the IFCC working group's latest publications. John Pemberton and Dr. Rolf Hinzmann were also invited to contribute. In the main meeting on November 2, Dr. Eichenlaub presented our newly developed method of displaying CGM accuracy - CG-DIVA.

Looking back at the AGDT annual meeting in Ulm

The annual conference of the Diabetes and Technology Working Group of the German Diabetes Society (AGDT) took place on September 22 and 23, 2023 under the motto "Technology - Together. From practice for practice". Dr. Freckmann has been a member of the AGDT board for several years and made the institute's grounds and rooms available for the conference. The conference was attended by a total of around 110 participants. Dr. Freckmann gave a lecture on "CGM in hospitals - data and legal issues" and took part in the scientific exchange with some colleagues.

Looking back at the AACC in Anaheim

The American Society for Clinical Chemistry invited Dr. Freckmann to give two lectures. "Continuous glucose monitors in the hospital: Are they good enough?" and "Standardization process of Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Traceability and Performance". The flight to Anaheim was well worth it.

Looking back at the ADA in San Diego

Again this year, Dr. Freckmann was invited to the 83rd Congress of the American Diabetes Association in San Diego. At the joint symposium of the ADA and AACC, the American societies for diabetes and clinical chemistry, Dr. Freckmann gave a lecture on "Continuous Glucose Monitors in the Hospital-Are They Good Enough?".

Looking back at the Diabetes Kongress in Berlin

At the 57th Diabetes Congress in Berlin under the motto "Rethinking Diabetes - Diversity & Individuality", Dr. Freckmann chaired several sessions and spoke on the topic of "Quality of glucose measurement with CGM systems - Are standards necessary?". As a member of the program committee, he was also involved in actively shaping the program.

Looking back at the ATTD 2023 in Berlin

This year's International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments of Diabetes (ATTD) was held February 22-25 at the CityCube in Berlin. A major focus of the symposia was on the potential benefits of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) in people with type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Freckmann gave a presentation on Friday, February 24, 2023, on standardization related to CGM systems. In doing so, he presented the current status of the IFCC working group's activities on CGM.

Looking back at the diatec Event in Berlin

From 26 to 28 January 2023, the training event diatec took place in Berlin under the main theme "Personalized Technology". Some of our colleagues took the opportunity to learn about the current state of research in diabetes technology in various lectures, seminars and symposia.

Dr. Guido Freckmann, as part of the diatec team, actively participated in the organization of the conference and gave lectures on "CGM in hospitals" and "Glucose measurement in type 2 diabetes". He also led a seminar on "Safety issues in medical devices".

Looking back at the autumn meeting of the German Diabetes Association (DDG)

From November 24 to 26 the joint autumn meeting of the German Diabetes Association and the German Angiology Association took place in Wiesbaden. Our colleagues were actively involved in the sessions of the committee for laboratory diagnostics in diabetology of the DDG and DGKL (KLD), as well as of the working group diabetes and technology of the DDG (AGDT). 

In the KLD session, Dr. Stefan Pleus talked about the basics of the guidelines of the German Medical Association for quality assurance in medical laboratories (Rili-BÄK) and Dr. Guido Freckmann finished the session with his critical talk on the topic "New measurement methods - new rules?".

Dr. Stefan Pleus also contributed a talk about the basics of blood glucose monitoring, continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pumps used in automated insulin delivery systems in the AGDT session on AID systems in practice.


Looking back at the virtual Diabetes Technology Meeting

From November 3 to 5 the 22nd Diabetes Technology Meeting of the Diabetes Technology Society took place. One again, the conference was held virtually.

Dr. Freckmann was invited to give a talk about “Traceability of CGMs” in Workshop A (Measurement of glucose, insulin and ketones) and presented the current work of the IFCC working group on CGM (IFCC WG-CGM) regarding standards for continuous glucose monitoring.

All of our three abstracts that we submitted for the poster session one week later on November 10 were accepted. Dr. Stefan Pleus presented two posters in session C. In his contribution „User Performance Evaluation and System Accuracy Assessment of Four Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems with Color Coding of Results“ he showed results from our latest blood glucose monitoring system evaluation and in his contribution “Improving the Quality of Glucose Concentration Measurements by Recalibration” he presented our suggestion for improvement of comparison measurements, e.g. in CGM studies. Dr. Manuel Eichenlaub introduced a new method to evaluate and present CGM accuracy in his contribution „The Continuous Glucose Deviation Interval and Variability Analysis (CG-DIVA): An illustrative Method for Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Accuracy Assessment“.

Two of the three posters were developed within our cooperation with the Diabetes Center Berneto support the work of the IFCC WG-CGM. Thanks to all contributors!

Poster abstracts will be published in the March issue of the des Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology.

Looking back at the DKLM in Mannheim

On October 13 and 14, the joint 17th annual meeting of the German Association for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine and 4th meeting for biomedical analytics of the DVTA was held in Mannheim. Under the general topic "Laboratory medicine accompanies life" we presented two posters about studies on our own initiative with the titles  „Fasting plasma glucose concentrations in different sampling tubes measured with different glucose analyzers“ and „Differences between venous, capillary and interstitial glucose concentrations during an oral glucose tolerance test”. In addition, Dr. Guido Freckmann was invited to talk about "Continuous Glucose Monitoring CGM - Traceability and Standards" in the session "Point-of-care laboratory diagnostics - An Update".


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