The Institut für Diabetes-Technologie (IfDT) is a research institute, specialized on clinical research in the area of diabetes mellitus.

Our aim is to support and promote research and development of technologies in the area of diabetes. With our work we want to contribute to making life for people with diabetes easier. 

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At the Institut für Diabetes-Technologie (IfDT), we conduct clinical trials with medical devices in a welcoming, familiar atmosphere and offer our international customers expertise in all parts of clinical studies: starting from planning and designing over conduction up to publishing the study results.

In addition, we perform research on our own behalf regarding different aspects of diabetes.

Taken all this together made us a globally recognized and acknowledged research institute in the area of diabetes technology.     

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We are happy if you want to actively support us in our research for the benefit of people with diabetes mellitus type 1 or type 2.

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Over the years the institute has grown to a worldwide recognized and acknowledged study site. Here you can learn more about our work and the institute.

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We are always looking for motivated and committed employees who want to promote technology and research together with us. Here you can read more about the benefits we offer as an employer and our current job offers.

Current Publications

November 2022 - CGM

Continuous Glucose Deviation Interval and Variability Analysis (CG-DIVA): A Novel Approach for the Statistical Accuracy Assessment of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems

The accuracy of CGM systems is communicated in the literature by many different ways of presentation, which limits comparability. As part of our collaboration with the Diabetes Center Berne to support the work of the IFCC working group on CGM, we have developed a new statistical method for evaluating and presenting the accuracy of CGM systems. This clearly provides all relevant information for assessing accuracy.

November 2022 - CGM

A Statistical Approach for Assessing the Compliance of Integrated Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems with Food and Drug Administration Accuracy Requirements

To demonstrate compliance with US FDA requirements for "integrated" CGM systems, confidence intervals for agreement rates must be calculated. We have identified a suitable method for this and provide a tool for calculation. This work has been done in cooperation with the Diabetes Center Berne in support of the work of the IFCC Working Group on CGM.

October 2022 - Glucose measurement

Improving the Bias of Comparator Methods in Analytical Performance Assessments Through Recalibration

Comparative measurements, e.g. for CGM studies, can be retrospectively improved by different approaches and thus lead to more consistent study results. We have developed a suitable approach for this within the framework of our cooperation with the Diabetes Center Berne to support the work of the IFCC working group on CGM.

Latest Congress Contributions

22 - 25 February 2023

International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments of Diabetes (ATTD) in Berlin

Dr. Freckmann gave a presentation on standardization related to CGM systems on Friday, February 24, 2023. He presented the current status of the activities of the IFCC working group on CGM.

26 - 28 January 2023

Diatec in Berlin

Some of our colleagues took the opportunity of the Diatec continuing education event to learn about the current state of research in diabetes technology in various lectures, seminars and symposia.
Dr. Guido Freckmann, as part of the diatec team, actively participated in the organization of the conference and gave lectures on "CGM in hospitals" and "Glucose measurement in type 2 diabetes". He also led a seminar on "Safety issues in medical devices".

24 - 26 November 2022

Autumn Meeting of the German Diabetes Association (DDG) in Wiesbaden

Dr. Freckmann and Dr. Stefan Pleus spoke at the KLD symposium as part of the autumn conference on diabetology & angiology. In the subsequent symposium of the AGDT on the topic of Automatic Insulin Dosing (AID), Dr. Stefan Pleus presented the basics of blood glucose measurement, continuous glucose measurement, and insulin pumps.

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We are happy if you want to actively support us in our research for the benefit of people with diabetes type 1 or type 2.
In this way, you are making your own personal contribution to improving medical care.
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