Team and Facilities

Team and Facilities in our Institute

The facilities and the staff of the institute enable a qualified, inpatient supervision of up to 12 study participants over the course of several study days. For outpatient studies we can supervise even more subjects, always depending on the scope of the study and the length of the inpatient stay.     

Our experienced study team, including study physicians, scientists, study nurses, medical-technical staff, dieticians and diabetes advisors, cares for the optimal and professional conduction of clinical studies and takes care of the study participants. We are able to perform even very complex procedures and processes competently and efficiently.

Our employees take part at regular internal as well as external training courses and have good clinical practice (GCP) certificates. Detailed work instructions are recorded in standard operation procedures (SOP) and will be trained before start of a study.


The institute building is fitted for the conduction of clinical studies and has:    

  • Rooms for study participants with the possibility for overnight stays
  • Several study and common rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Examination room
  • A spacious waiting area
  • A test kitchen
  • Sanitary facilities on each level
  • Showers in the inpatient area
  • Laboratory rooms with air-condition
  • Archive and storage rooms 

We have sufficient parking spaces for our customers and study participants directly in front of the door. Additionally we are very well connected to public transport (tram stop directly in front of the building). For our guests we offer free WiFi. 



In our laboratory we can measure glucose with both the hexokinase method and the glucose oxidase method. We regularly take part at international round robin tests from the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory (IFCC) (RELA) and perform extensive quality controls which exceed the requirements of the national guideline (Rili-BÄK).

During studies we also offer analysis of hematocrit and oxygen partial pressure. As required, we can establish the measurement of additional parameters or can offer them through external partners. 

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