Training of diabetics is an important subject. Longer stays of in-patients during a study offer us optimal possibilities to intensively train diabetics in small groups. We offer both, complete trainings or training of especially interesting topics.

Nutrition of diabetics is one of our main research targets. We concentrate on optimal composition of meals, estimation of glucose contents and adaptation of best insulin doses for those patients who inject insulin before food intake. We also offer special cookery courses in groups.

Our patients are very interested in observing their glucose curves during the studies. Due to the multiple blood measurements during the studies compared to the measurements during their normal daily routine, our patients can observe and discuss the influence of meals, exercise and therapy. Especially studies with continuous monitoring devices deliver detailed data over day and night.

Our diabetes team advises our patients regarding their diabetes therapy, however, the medical treatment remains within the responsibility of their general practitioner, whom we voluntarily contact upon wish of our patients.

We also adopt our patient’s suggestions concerning other training topics.

In case of questions our physicians and our diabetes team will always be at our patient’s disposal.